street art mural of woman

Street art is a unique art-style that has intrigued countless individuals since the late 1960s. Unfortunately, there is a negative stigma concerning street-art and its association with criminals as well as its legality. Despite these concerns, street-art is beginning to find its home in society and in the formal art world. More and more cities are commissioning works by street artists every single day.

 Public favor is gravitating away from traditional street artists such as Banksy as many critics have problems with his simplistic art-style as well as his vagrancy. A majority of art-lovers believe that real art is supposed to invoke complex emotion. Banksy's work, despite its worldwide popularity, utilizes exceedingly simple emotion motifs. Despite this flaw, Banksy was extremely influential in the normalization of street-art and its introduction into mainstream art culture. At one point in time, many people commended his use of art as a political tool. Today, people are enjoying street art more for its beauty than its political agenda.

 Lately, Artists such as Sr. Lasso and his colorful pop-culture murals seem to be the new, up-and-coming trend. New York has commissioned several pieces of his work. Generally, people seem to enjoy larger murals as opposed to simpler street art. Also, since the murals are legal, they garner greater support than other street art. Another artist rising in popularity, NeSpoon, focuses on lace motifs that can be found covering walls, parks, and streets. Cities love her work as they believe that it introduces an environment of calm and order. Her works embody a balance of symmetry and rich culture displayed through a modern outlet. Eelus is trending street artist who is making a name for himself with his giant stenciled murals. He's also gaining in popularity on the art market after selling multiple prints at auction in recent years. Street art has proven its place in the modern art community and is a unique way to add beauty to our world. There is a never-ending supply of street art and really the only question is, "Why not brighten up that dreary street corner?"

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