Timberland boots sitting on wooden floor

Timberland Boot Craze's History:

The Timberland Boot craze began back when Abington put out their first genuinely water resistance boot back called the "Timberland" back in 1973. Since the Timberland Boot Craze has turned into a worldwide symbol of classic rustic chic. The interest grew to be a worldwide phenomenon by the early 1980s when the Italian trendsetters went out and made the Timberland books a classic symbol of style and sophistication. From there, the entirety of Europe went into a buying frenzy which consequently sent the US retailers into a tizzy as they looked to obtain many pairs of "Timberland" boots as possible. All of the company's outdoor footwear and other accessories rose in popularity and have since become a household name all thanks to a fluke of fashion.

GORE-TEX Timberland Boots from HAVEN to Be Available January 26th:

Haven X Timberland have proudly announced that they are joining together to release the next generation of their 6-inch "Timberland" boot. These new boots got inspired by Canada's four seasons and the conditions that come along with those seasons. These latest "Timberlands" will be made out of suede and leather uppers and have full GORE-TEX lining along with a gusseted tongue as well as a speed-lacing system. Other key features to these shoes will include a Cordura ballistic nylon quarter, Vibram lug sole suit, and a co-branded hanging tab.

These new GORE-TEX Timberland Boots from HAVEN will be available for purchase as of January 26th. The price point will be $210.00. They can be brought at both HEAVEN Toronto and Vancouver stores as well as online. 

The Benefits of These New Timberland Boots:

The new "Timberland" boots that are hitting the market will be military-inspired in design while also being water resistant as well as feature GORE-TEX technology, which means that the boot gets built to handle all sorts of weather (such as that of Canada) because the shoe is breathable and waterproof but also lightweight and rugged. "Timberland" boots are meant to handle the rain, sleet, snow, ice, and heat all at one time and keep your feet comfortable, warm, and breathing at the same time. 

What Do the Timberland Boots Say About Fashion Trends Coming in 2019?

"Timberland" Boots are seeing their next wave of popularity come out with the new GORETEX Timberland Boots from HAVEN coming out on January 26th. If fashion follows in the footsteps of the "Timberland" Boots release, it means that we will see function meet fashion in 2019. The "Timberland" Boots have were designed and made of GORETEX materials which means that they are warm, comfortable, waterproof, breathable, and rugged all at one time. These boots were made for all sorts of activities from working to hiking to just enjoying an afternoon out shopping or having dinner with the family.

Their function and style foreshadow that there might be a resurgence of both military-inspired garb and "chic" fashions will be the next "in" thing in 2019! 

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