large mural on side of building

Street art and murals are reminders of the community's culture through expression. All over the world, street art is viewed as reckless, beautiful, or a tumultuous combination. We often see city underpasses brought to life through murals that sometimes give a deeper view into the heart of where they are. Or, we'll see an alleyway designated specifically for artists to share their work in a less traditional way. What we don't often see are large scale building facade murals. 

NeSpoon's large facade murals are a great introduction into this medium. This street artist is inspired by the look of lace, according to My Modern Met, she refers to it as, "visual poetry". She specializes in spray painting intricate patterns on a building's outer walls. Her work varies in size, but her larger pieces are simply transformational. She can shift the identity of a building with a few spray cans and stencils. One of our most beloved pieces from her lives in Lofoten, Norway, where she brings out the character of an aged structure.

These huge pieces of art can sometimes span multiple buildings. A beautiful example that caught our eye is The Great Wave Off Kanagawa displayed on Moscow's Etalon City facade. It's hard to add dimension to a work that has been popular for so many years, but this execution takes the print to a new level. This is not a one building mural; it covers six large skyscrapers, its blue stretches to touch each one. The gorgeous wave flows with the pattern of the buildings to create a dynamic view of an otherwise ordinary set of buildings. According to Curbed, this mural covers 645,834 square feet.

We're inspired by the sheer magnitude of these creations. Beauty comes in all sizes, but we're always fascinated when artists push boundaries to have their visions come to life. For more inspiration, take a look at our work. We believe in promoting local artists and their one of a kind creations. 

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